Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Block #3 for Bloggers’ Block-a-palooza Quilt-along

On to block #3 which comes from Amanda at Sasikirana Homemade. Block #3 Shoofly Geese is her variation on the traditional Shoofly quilt block. It looks very simple and a great addition to the Bloggers’ Block-a-palooza.

Here is a look at a traditional Shoo-Fly Block Pattern [1]

Amanda’s pattern cleverly adds the flying geese in it and all of a sudden the block has movement, you can almost visualize those geese flying to some unknown destination.

If you have been following the quilt-along then you will know from the tutorials so far that even though blocks #1 and #3 have flying geese the approach to making them were completely different. I really like that because it gives us all a chance to learn something new or practice a technique we have not mastered yet.

Thanks Amanda for your work, I’m sure we will have loads of fun with this block.

Next you will see photos of my fabric choices and my finished block #3. I have also included photos of the layout of two versions of my block 3 because I wasn’t sure which one I liked better. In the first one I have the flying geese pointing inward toward the center like Amanda’s block and in the second one I have the geese pointing outward. I like the one where the geese are pointing outward but I feel that I may be straying to far from the block that was created by Amanda because the look is a total change.

Fabric Set

Amanda’s Shoo-Fly Variation and My Variation

Ultimately I did finish block #3 with the geese point outward as you can see below. In the end the finished quilt will be mine so I guess putting my own spin on things is ok now and then.

Ok there we go you can see my finished block #3.

Now head over to the Flicker group to see what everyone else is doing. See you there.

So until the next block, happy sewing!

[1] Image for traditional Shoo-fly quilt block pattern found here.

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