Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coming up in 2012

Hey everyone, update on a couple of projects I have planned for this year. First of all I am going to finish the quilts I began last year during my participation is a few quilt a longs. Secondly I will be starting a couple of new projects one of which is not a quilt. Thirdly I will work on finishing the exiting quilt tops I have had for years.

Yes I know this is a lot for one year and I will soon be going back to work which will shorten my time but I find that if I give myself a timeline for something it usually helps me to get it completed. I love my sewing and wish I could make it my full time profession but for now I have to work it in where I can in between working an outside job.

Now on to the new projects. I am sticking to what I said last year in wanting to get pre-existing projects completed before I begin any new ones but these came up out of the blue. The first project is for my son-in-law. If you recall last year I made a tiger motif pillow at the request of my daughter. At the time he was on deployment and she wanted him to have something to hold on to at night until he came home. Well the pillow I made him last year was stolen from him unfortunately so he asked me if I could make him a new one. Of course I told him yes but I had one problem, I had purchased the material I used for the pillow years earlier and I can now no longer find it, however I was lucky enough to find a better one that he loves there only difference if the other was a small pillow and the new one will be a body sized pillow. This will not be a problem for him as he is now on shore duty and will not have to go out on a ship.

Well here is the pillow I made for him last year. If you’d like to recap the story you can find it here.

Here is the material for the new pillow. As you can see they both have the same feel to them only the one I made last year was a yellow tiger and the new one is a white. Well it turns out the white one is more significant to him and my daughter than the yellow one anyway.

I love this fabric. The panels have such a tropical feel to them. The particular piece I found is I’m sure for a wall hanging because it is very large. I was also able to find a coordinating fabric with small panels and a border. So now I have my front panel and my border but nothing coordinating for the back so I will be using a Kona solid.

The next new project I am beginning is a baby quilt or blanket. I young cousin and his girl friend are about to have a baby girl and I wanted them to have something special for her. I haven’t quite decided on the pattern or the fabric yet but hopefully soon because she will be here before we know it. I would have started this sooner but just had no time with my job and all.

So only 2 new projects as of right now this year and I’ll be working out a time management schedule for completing the others. Also I have come to a revelation that if I want to get my old quilts completed I will have to send them out to be quilted because there is just no other way for me to do it. I just don’t have the time to quilt everyone of my old quilt tops and still keep myself on schedule. I know this prospect is very scary because all of my quilt tops are special to me and I have never sent anything out for quilting so I don’t personally know anyone. It is like the first time I entrusted my daughter to her preschool teacher. You are sure the person is qualified for the job but your still scared of letting your baby out of your sight. We shall see. I will keep you posted each time I send out one to be quilted.

So until next time, happy sewing.

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